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Lead Generation – Facebook Marketing – Web Design – SEO

Digital Marketing

Posting is not the same as Paid Digital Advertising.

Effective strategies are used with the help of Facebook & Instagram Advertisements is guaranteed to 1.) Capture Leads (potential clients), 2.) Increase Online Engagement and 3.) Revenue for your business.

A custom quote will be made equal to the Advertising Budget. Volume is very important in marketing. You cannot get good results with a low budget.

Contact us to learn more about Paid Advertising. 

Meta Advertising (Facebook)

With Facebook & Instagram having more than 3 billion users and being the most used forms of social media, the possibilities are endless. Different Campaigns will be made to reach your target audience.
Campaign objectives include potential customers seeing your advertisement, engaging with your website, retargeting or getting their contact details (leads). Your advertisement can be seen by thousands of people each week.

Email Marketing

Through the use of Email, as a marketing strategy, makes it possible to effectively retarget existing customers as well as potential customers. We build an email list of leads that can be contacted once or twice a week.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a strategy to send spam to email accounts. This is ethical Email Advertising.

Web Design

A business without a website is like a boat on dry land. A custom quote will be made to suite your business’ needs alongside a recurring payment for the upkeep, maintenance, hosting of the website and monthly updates included.

Website Design

Without a stunning design for your website, you will lose potential clients/customers. The design will be mobile friendly.

High Speed Web Pages

Quick web pages will help with the user-experience. No one wants to deal with a slow website.


Each website must have a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to prevent data leaks of website users.


Digital marketing is a tool that accelerates your business growth and success. It allows more potential customers to see your business and get them talking about your business. Word of mouth doesn’t work like it used to. 

Yes. We value client confidentiality so we will not say which business we are getting results for but we can share the screenshots.