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*Limited Availabilty*


This opportunity is for businesses who are genuinely looking to take their business to the next level. Businesses who want to increase their sales and can handle the growth along with it.

We only work with businesses who we are certain we can get results for. Send us a message and we will show you some results.

The Problems We Solve

Digital Marketing

Effective Facebook & Instagram campaigns will grow your business exponentially. This is done by showing your target audience well-made, good looking advertisements. Once they interact with those ads they will be taken to your website and take action. We will retarget any existing customers with specific ads on social media and email automation. General posting on Facebook isn't enough volume.
(Fun Fact: Facebook only shows your posts to 1-3% of people who follow your page!)

Web Building

A website is the digital storefront for your customers. "SMALL BUSINESSES WITHOUT WEBSITES WILL GO EXTINCT" - Robben Media.
Keep your business open 24/7 and offer your customers the opportunity to let them know all about your business for example service/products, location, contact details and pricing.
Disclaimer: Just having a website will not improve sales; the website needs to be seen online, social media will help with that.

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Frikkie Meyer
Furniture Business Owner

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Heinrich Deysel
Gym Owner
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Adapt or Die - Principle

Stand out from your competition. Taking your business online allows for many opportunities. Take advantage of the situation and adapt your business.